LIC’s Jeevan Saral Policy reviews

Jeevan Saral Policy (Plan 165) was launched in the year 2004 by LIC of India, this plan is totally and endowment plan with no market risk, Initially, this plan did not get attention by agent due to lack of selling points, then after some time some of the agents started showing a chart which was totally a well lucrative presentation of Jeevan Saral plan, in this plan people supposed to get double of their investment in 10 year and risk cover of 250 times of monthly premium and 500 times death due to accident.

Now many of the clients are raising their complaints to LIC of India regarding its maturity amount paid by LIC of India. The amount which they are getting from LIC is totally different and less than what the agent committed to the client.

Maturity Amount: As mentioned this plan is an anytime maturity plan, so you can get maturity anytime after 10 years of waining. There are many factors to calculate the maturity of the Jeevan Saral plan, clients who took this policy for a long time and want their money return before the maturity date will get a lesser amount than clients who opted for the short term.


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