New Jeevan Anand Policy

In this article I will cover all aspects of the Jeevan Anand Plan, you can also ask your queries in the comment box, all queries will be answered for sure.

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Plan is Considered to be the oldest and reliable plan from LIC of India, you can easily find this plan bought in past by any of your family members. This is the only plan which gives Free risk cover even after the premium paying term and Maturity.

Additional Cover Amount: In case of accidental death of insured by the age of 70, the nominee will receive an additional payout which will be under a Maximum of 5 lakh or equivalent to the sum assured. Nominee or insured can claim this amount in case of permanent disability due to an accident, again these covers are provided without any additional cost to the Insured.

Riders: Riders are always a paid and on-demand feature of any Insurance plan, in this plan also you can opt to buy a rider-like Critical illness rider. This rider will provide you sum-assured in case of any critical disease which can lead to the death of insured also, example: Cancer, tumor, etc..,

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